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June 12, 2024

About This Ijaazah Course

This course for Ijaazah Of Quran is designed to enable you to memorize and learn the Quran with Tajweed for sisters and brothers, kids, teens and adults. Your teacher will first make sure that your recitation of the Quran is correct and that you are reciting it with the Tajweed.

How to get ijazah in Tajweed

It is important to master the recitation of the Quran before starting the Ijaazah program. This, in turn, will start to help you to memorize the Quran easily.  Once you have completed your Quran memorization, you will be ready to read for your Ijaazah in Quran.

This Quran Ijaazah program is one of the best as the Quran teachers who are assigned to teach the Quran are all  highly qualified from Al Azhar university, known in its great history with teaching the Quran as well as other well-known Quran institutes.

Goals of This Course

  • To memorize the Holy Quran
  • To qualify for reading for your Ijaazah
  • To earn your Ijaazah in memorization Quran or recitation

Get Your Ijaazah After Quran Memorization

At Qebaa our teachers will help not just with Quran memorization as part of this course but will also build your understanding of the Quran so that you focus on its application in your day to day life. It is our utmost priority to inculcate the principles of Quran in your life and help you evolve as a true Muslim.

Enroll Now To Make the Most of This Opportunity

Learning Quran can be challenging, but now with the expert teachers from Qebaa , who employ state of the art techniques and work really hard to make their pupils understand the basic concepts of Quran.

 If you too want to become a Quran master and learn how to memorize Quran fast and get you Ijaazah, you need to enroll in our course right away! It is our promise that you are going to gain everything that you expect from this course.


For Ijazaah, you will need to have prior knowledge of the Tajweed and the ability to read Quran with Tajweed.